Quantitative Historical Linguistics



QLC retreat

QLC retreat will be held 02-04 April 2013 in Kleinwalsertal.

New presentation by Mattis, Moran and Prokić

List, Johann-Mattis, Steven Moran and Jelena Prokić (2012). Automatic Detection of Borrowings in Lexicostatistic Datasets. Talk held at the Workshop on Quantitative Approaches to areal Typology, December 13-14, KNAW, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

NEW PUBLICATION: Cysouw, Michael

Cysouw, Michael. 2012. On the (im)possibility of partial argument coreference. Linguistics, Vol. 50(4), p. 765–782. Abstract In 1966, Paul Postal claimed that it is impossible to find grammatical sentences in which there is partial overlap between subject and object, i.e., in sentences like I like us. This observation lead, in direct sch [...]

NEW PUBLICATION: Cysouw, Michael

Wälchli, , Bernhard and Michael Cysouw. 2012. Lexical typology through similarity semantics: Toward a semantic map of motion verbs. Linguistics, 50(3), p. 671–710. Abstract This paper discusses a multidimensional probabilistic semantic map of lexical motion verb stems based on data collected from parallel texts (viz. translations of [...]

NEW PUBLICATION: Mayer, Thomas and Michael Cysouw

Mayer, Thomas  and  Michael Cysouw. 2012. Proceedings of the EACL 2012 Joint Workshop of LINGVIS \& UNCLH. Avignon, France, April 23 - 24, p. 54-62. Abstract In this paper, we propose a novel approach to compare languages on the basis of parallel texts. Instead of using word lists or abstract grammatical characteristics to infer [...]

NEW PUBLICATION: Cysouw, Michael

Comrie, Bernard and Michael Cysouw. 2012. New Guinea through the Eyes of WALS. Language and Linguistics in Melanesia. 30, 65-95.    


Christian Chiarcos, Sebastian Hellmann, Sebastian Nordhoff, Steven Moran, Richard Littauer, Judith EckleKohler, Iryna Gurevych, Silvana Hartmann, Michael Matuschek, Christian M. Meyer. To appear. The Open Linguistics Working Group. In Proceedings of Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC). Istanbul, Turkey, 21-27 May, 2012. Abstract [...]


Prokić Jelena, Çağrı Çöltekin and John Nerbonne. 2012. Detecting Shibboleths. In Proceedings of the EACL 2012 Joint Workshop of LINGVIS & UNCLH, p. 72-80. Avignon, France. Abstract A SHIBBOLETH  is a pronunciation, or, more generally, a variant of speech that betrays where a speaker is from (Judges 12:6). We propo [...]

NEW PUBLICATION: Bouda, Peter and Michael Cysouw

Bouda, Peter & Michael Cysouw. 2012. Treating Dictionaries as a Linked-Data Corpus, Linked Data in Linguistics, 1, 15-23. Abstract In this paper we describe a practical approach to the challenge of linguistic retrodigitization. We propose to distinguish strictly between a base digitization and separate interpretation of the sources. The b [...]


Moran, Steven. 2012. Using Linked Data to Create a Typological Knowledge Base. Linked Data in Linguistics, Vol.3, p. 129-138. Abstract In this paper, I describe the challenges in creating a Resource Description Framework (RDF) knowledge base for undertaking phonological typology. RDF is a model for data interchange that encodes representation [...]