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BDPA 1.0 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of BDPA 1.0, a Benchmark Database of Phonetic Alignments in Historical Linguistics and Dialectology. BDPA 1.0 is a publicly available benchmark database of manually edited multiple and pairwise phonetic alignments which is designed as a platform to test the performance of automatic alignment algorithms. The database consists of a great variety of alignments drawn from a number of different sources. Currently, BDPA 1.0 offers a total of 750 multiple alignments, covering 8 language families, more than 500 different language varieties, and more than 50 000 words. The data is arranged in a such way that typical problems encountered in phonetic alignment analyses (metathesis, splits and mergers of sounds, diversity of phonetic strings) are represented and can be directly tested.

BDPA is freely available for research purposes and can be searched and downloaded  at

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