Quantitative Historical Linguistics


Dr. Steven Moran, post-doc


Steven Moran received his Ph.D. at the University of Washington. In August 2011 he successfully defended his dissertation "Phonetics Information Base and Lexicon (PHOIBLE)". His thesis involves the development of a phonological segment inventory knowledge base, in the Semantic Web Framework, for asking cross-linguistic questions at the segment and featural levels.



His research interests include computational linguistics, linguistics cyberinfrastructure and language documentation. He undertook fieldwork on Western Sisaala [ssl] in Ghana in 2003 and published a grammatical sketch of the language. Since 2005 Moran has been a part of Jeffrey Heath's Dogon Languages of Mali project. He is the project's technical lead and has developed an online interface to the Dogon comparative lexicon data and the flora and fauna images database. Moran is also undertaking fieldwork on the Dogon language Toro-so [dts], as spoken on the falaise in the village of Sangha.



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