Quantitative Historical Linguistics



BDPA 1.0 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of BDPA 1.0, a Benchmark Database of Phonetic Alignments in Historical Linguistics and Dialectology. BDPA 1.0 is a publicly available benchmark database of manually edited multiple and pairwise phonetic alignments which is designed as a platform to test the performance of automatic alignm [...]

Prokic & List to give invited talks at WHEEL workshop

Jelena Prokic and Johann-Mattis List will present two invited talks at the Workshop on Historical and Empirical Evolutionary Linguistics (WHEEL) that will take place in Tübingen, 15-16 February 2014.  

New publications by Cysouw and Prokić & Moran

In the new book edited by Lars Borin & Anju Saxena Approaches to measuring linguistic distances Michael Cysouw published the article 'Predicting language-learning difficulty' and Jelena Prokić & Steven Moran published the article 'Black-box approaches to genealogical classification and their shortcomings'.   [...]

New publication by Moran & Prokić

Steven Moran and Jelena Prokić. Investigating the relatedness of the endangered Dogon languages. Literary and Linguistic Computing, 2013. doi: 10.1093/llc/fqt061. Abstract In this article we apply up-to-date methods of quantitative language comparison, inspired by algorithms successfully applied in bioinformatics to decode DNA and determine t [...]

QLC retreat

Our next QLC retreat will be held from 29 September till 03 October in Kleinwalsertal.

LingPy-2.0 is released

We proudly announce the release of LingPy-2.0, a Python toolkit for quantitative tasks in historical linguistics and dialectology. Building on the previously released LingPy-1.0, LingPy-2.0 comes along with many new features that ease the work of exploratory data analysis in quantitative historical linguistics. LingPy-2.0 offers fu [...]

New presentation by Prokić & Moran

Jelena Prokić and Steven Moran gave a talk on Friday, 19 July, at the Language Diversity Congress in Groningen. Their talk was entitled 'Diversity of language sources: challenges in digitization, interoperation and analysis'.

New presentation by Prokić & Moran

Jelena Prokić and Steven Moran gave a presentation at the 19th LIPP Symposium on Endangered languages organized by the LIPP Graduade School and Bayern Academy of Sciences, 10-12 July in Munich. They presented their work on the detection of the most endangered Dogon varieties based on quantitative methods. The title of the presntation was 'Dig [...]

LingPy is now online

LingPy is a suite of open-source Python modules for sequence comparison, distance analyses, data operations and visualization methods in quantitative historical linguistics. The main idea of LingPy is to provide a software package which, on the one hand, integrates different methods for data analysis in quantitative historic [...]

New presentation by Michael Cysouw

Michael Cysouw and Iren Hartmann gave a presentation at the Workshop on the Visualization of Linguistic Patterns, held at the 35th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Sociaty (DGfS) in Potsdam, March, 12-15, 2013. The presentation was titled 'Visualising valency alternations'.